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To school or not to school….

Most children are well into their second or third week of the new school year. Parents have sent them off and into the care of professional educators with varying mixtures of regret, anticipation, relief or dread.  Not all parents have sent their children off, however. Read more

For the Love of Frogs

Once again this spring, I enjoyed our “All Species Day” here in Montpelier, the capital city of Vermont. It’s a fabulous participatory spectacle of puppets, music and drama that urges us all to become caretakers of our planet and all the creatures that live upon it. When I first took part in this celebration years ago, it got me thinking about how we might integrate these elements of theater and ritual into our curriculum. Read more

Parental Pedagogic Creed

If you could design the perfect learning environment for your child, (or grandchild, or ALL children) what would it look like? Underneath our visions of education lie deeply held beliefs about human potential and about learning. My “Parental Pedagogic Creed” is a simple statement of what I wanted for my children’s education.

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